About us

PiPiguau is a patented urban furniture and especially intended for municipalities around the world. We have made a design that responds and adapts to the urban environment, to the spaces, colors and the uses that society demands. Regarding its aesthetics, careful lines predominate that allow them to be integrated into the public space and humanize the urban environment. We use light, transparent structures, occupying the minimum space that mixes with their surroundings and are integrated into the urban scale. PiPiguau is the definitive solution to the lack of facilities in urban centers to meet the physiological needs of dog pets. Our business idea is to provide a lasting and total solution to the problems encountered by our dogs in the urban area of ​​cities, where we have introduced important innovative aspects and we can summarize our urban furniture in 3 lines: designs adapted to the environment and the user, ecologically sustainable materials and the incorporation of new technologies.